The beginnings

OMB Srl was founded in the 1950s by the will of Umberto Bordignon who, with the collaboration of his brother Francesco, took his first steps in the field of plastic molding.

Initially, he bought the first injection molding machines and in the years to come he expanded his customer network despite being a real subcontractor.

OMB today

OMB pays a lot of attention in the development of commissioned products, from the design of the article to the structural analysis, in a process capable of optimizing production costs. Qualified operators are committed every day to provide effective solutions and meet customer needs.

With a dynamic and always available approach, we are the ideal point of contact for those looking for a professional plastic molding service and the delivery of products with high quality standards, at competitive prices.


The Bordignon Mechanical Workshop (today O.M.B.) was founded in the 1950s in Bassano del Grappa (VI) by the will of Umberto Bordignon, who, with his experience as a mechanical toolmaker, is responsible for setting up and producing molds for blanking and drawing. Umberto at that time dedicated himself to the complete realization of the mold, installing all those tools and tools necessary to compose the first prototype, fine-tuning its functions according to the characteristics desired by his customers.


The market greatly appreciates Umberto's molds, who in the meantime is equipping himself with state-of-the-art machinery for the area and introducing an EDM machine to the company. The processes are more easily usable in the industrial sector, such as, among others, sports shoes and antennas.


Umberto decides to expand his business by purchasing the first presses for the molding of plastic items, with the aim of offering the customers he follows in the realization of the mold, the possibility of directly carrying out the sampling in OMB and possibly starting the production phase.


The workloads become significant and Umberto decides to expand the company's machinery to follow the growth developments of its customers. At the beginning of the 1980s his daughter Andreina joined OMB and helped him by taking care of all administrative aspects and in 1986 his son-in-law Rodolfo Baldassari was also introduced to the company. In 1987 Umberto's sole proprietorship was transformed into an SNC.


It was with the beginning of the 90s that the company saw an important expansion and strengthening of technological development. The production continues a greater specialization towards the processing of printed matter.


The expansion of the activities is followed by that of the registered office, which moves from the historic via Cunizza da Romano in Romano d'Ezzelino to via Papa Paolo VI in Cassola.


OMB continues its growth while preserving the values of flexibility and quality that have always distinguished it, including through the inclusion of the third generation in the company. We look forward to continuing to be your most reliable partner in the future and to accompany you in the implementation of new major projects.

Omb srl history