Injection Molding

The production department of OMB srl is equipped with 13 computerized presses of medium and large size, from 80 to 1000 tons with the possibility of printing parts up to about 4 kilos in weight, dedicated to thermoplastic molding. We have invested in the purchase of presses enslaved with robots, capable of ensuring maximum precision and repeatability of all stages of injection molding.

We are aware that the market in which we operate is constantly evolving and requires the execution of technologically more and more precise products, requiring compliance with very small measurement tolerances.

High quality standards



Work optimization

This is why we recently enthusiastically evaluated the opportunity to implement a reorganization and improvement project of our production and logistics processes according to the Lean Manufactoring approach, the purpose of which is to reduce production waste and increase our competitiveness. Finally, among the main reasons for adopting this new methodology, we believe there is the possibility of balancing the performance of the molding plant, the workshop and the warehouse with the high customizations required by our customers in the creation of each product, which typically characterize the service offered by OMB.

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