The infinite possibilities of customization and the sartorial care we use in the creation of your items allows us not to be tied to a particular industrial sector, but to assist you whatever your sector of belonging and wherever your components are used.

This peculiarity was a precise strategic choice by OMB, because, as our customers confirm, we believe that flexibility in production and quality of molding are our most important assets. Guarantee of our professionalism is not only the vast experience gained in the field in our sixty years of activity, but above all the very strong loyalty of our customers and the pride of being able to serve a quarter of our customers for at least thirty years.

By way of non-exhaustive example, we report some of the articles that we have produced with the greatest success

Accessories for air conditioning systems

Office chair components

Components for fluid handling equipment

Components for professional coffee machines

Containers for industrial boxes or tool holders

Accessories and automations for gates and windows